Shopping in the family method


I Think about it superstitions of our grandparents that may not buy anything before birth, long in the past. A modern woman 18 years old is properly prepared for the birth of the newborn and in advance is becoming necessary for the next newborn. 1st, gerls understand this much complete than men. In addition, a young father could be as excited approximately a birth of a baby is sure to do a mess of something. Bo Secondly, having gone on maternity leave, a woman has enough free time to leisurely stroll done all the indispensable shopping. But once everything is taken into account a fact that shopping in a interesting position is variant. Around them we talk currently.

The first thing that you need pay efforts - is mass, lift in recent weeks of pregnancy is not recommended. How do not make too a lot of purchases in one day. If you enjoy an older child, take it with you. School-age child will be quite able to help bring the bags to a car. Moreover, a joint shopping trip will give you a chance to be alone, and buying cute veshchichek for a future child one more time to remind the older newborn that he is now - my mum's helper. If you keep free your money, buy a gift eldest child. This does not get to be a doll or another machine, a gift may be healthy, for example, a new school uniform for girls or a soccer ball to practice in a section for boys.

Second, that it is required to remember - it is an opportunity of unexpected reactions to noxious fumes. So you know, there is no morning sickness only in a 1-st trimester of pregnancy, but also at a later date. As, if you get nausea and dizziness sharp smell, strive to avoid them. At a pharmacy, the smell of drugs in pregnant women may head ache, however cosmetics for child good buy in specialized departments of children's stores.

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