What do the tests?


Results of analyzes: what you can tell us size the state of the newborn? What parents need pay attention to? What do the tests?

From a first days of your, a baby begins acquaintance with men in white coats. You not alone help him to be born, you watch his condition, conduct diagnostic procedures. One approach to diagnose a soundness of a aging body may be considered and tested. Harmless enough, yet a effect may provide a wealth of knowledge on a work of the internal organs and systems. As what say tests?

Most frequently prescribed to kids to give blood for a general analysis and urine. According to doctors, these 2 studies yield a indispensable knowledge around the health of babies.

What does a blood test?

Basic blood test reveals whether a child inflammation. He was appointed almost always, with a common cold-blooded, earlier you send a child to the vaccination, following a recovery in other cases.

If a observed an increased white blood cell count, the aging body of a newborn is an inflammatory process of bacterial origin. Interestingly, the inflammation may not be accompanied by an increase of white blood cells: frequently due to depressed immune system, this indicator is not informative. So, if the white blood cells through a roof, and there is no apparent cause, it is alarming. In this case, the medical man must find a cause to do a more accurate study. Also an indicator of inflammation is elevated ESR.

Increase of eosinophils in a blood normally indicates a presence of allergic diseases or problems with intestinal parasites. Upset by getting the results, do not, it is potential that further tests had confirmed fears and your newborn 5 months quite right.

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