Weight of the baby up to a year by 30 days


What need be the mass of a child in months to a year? In some cases, the deviations from a basic rule?

Regular weighing child at a reception at the pediatrician give parents an overview of the state of his heartiness. It is believed that if a baby's weightiness is normal, healthy toddler. Deviations in body mass may indicate problems in the construction, malnutrition and disease. Always either too much or too some mass is a cause for concern?

Mass of a baby in weeks: abnormal

Most children born weight 2.6 - 4.0 kg. These indicators the World Hygiene Organization has assigned to a parameters of the average weightiness of a healthy full-term babies. Untimely babies are born with deep weight gain in a first months are quite varied with your peers. How, the favorable building is a 3-rd 30 days of a kids are able to increase the weight in three times, and by the year - 5 times. Thus, a year-old kids who were born weighing 1.6 - 1.7 kilogram, to 10-12 weeks of "catching up" full-term children.

The other extreme may be overweight newborn. Today it is not uncommon birth of a child weight 5.6 kilograms. This may occur for a lot of reasons. Not all of them are associated with health problems, frequently hereditary factor is great, for example, great fathers are born a boy-hero. If the hygiene of mum and baby out of a matter, then do not worry. A girl 18 years old who gave birth to such a big baby, extra excitement to anything. Its primary task is to look after the child.

Fluctuations in mass are placed back to rule, if your value varies within + / -1 kg. Short weightiness gain can occur when a toddler is sick, the transition with lactation to synthetic, if properly organized diet food feeding mother and child, etc.

Weight of a newborn up to a year by 30 days

Immediately of the birthday, a newborn a small thinner, so - following 7-10 times - regains its original mass and is starting to gain position for a first 30 days of the program. Overall average in the neonatal period (1-st month) tot adds around 600 g.

Depending on the fresh food, mood, comfortably-being in the first year of life, children are gaining:

Table mass of the child in months

2-3 months 750-800 grams

4-5 months 700-750 grams

6-7 weeks 600-650 grams

84-9 months 500-550 grams

10-11 months, 400-450 g

12 weeks 350-400 grams

Not to memorize rules, the weight of a newborn to, you can apply a formula that is easy to calculate a average weightiness of the newborn in weeks. For babies under 6 months it looks similar this:

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