Allergies in infants


All sorts of allergic reactions beginning to chase kids have almost from a cradle.

Until doctors find out a causes itching, rashes and redness, moms and dads strive to tirelessly fight a effects of allergies in babies. In a nice number of children are stuffed with antihistamines, are forced out of the aging body are derived potential allergens, a baby being tested numerous "people's money", etc.

Allergies in children: determine a root cause

But ofttimes the primary cause of acquired allergies in babies are, oddly enough, their caring mom.

We all used to, that there is a list of items (like citrus fruits, chocolate, crab, natural honey, sweets), which are more able to cause the child food allergies. For the sake of peace for the health of next mothers of infants trying to eliminate these foods from your regimen. However, a power is not very diverse, but in a end - my mom, offsetting the gaps in a assortment of fresh food, beginning abusing "items-allergenic." And after a birth of a child's moms and dads are beginning to wonder where, following such a "bezallergennoy" prenatal and postnatal regime appear redness and rashes on a skin of the baby.

Today, the science moves forward by leaps and bounds, which may not only deal with a effects of allergies, but in the short term to identify the cause.

Study of specific IgE (immunoglobulin E) is the study of blood, reveals a extent of human responses to specific allergens (so fresh food and non-food). This analysis allows to define a more high, big, moderate or negative level of immunoglobulin E in contact with specific allergens. Then my mum was surprised and find out that the child has a big degree of response to quite usual foods: rice, buckwheat, chicken.

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