Vegetables, fruits and berries puree for baby up to a year


The 1st lure during breastfeeding for a child, so you know, are juices that need be given to three weeks. Two weeks later, after the introduction in a dietary of the child fruits nectar, may be gradually introduced into a child's ration, apples and berry puree.

However rightly however juices, first baby to be given applesauce, not to cause allergic reactions, and only then It is possible to give the child mashed fruits and fresh fruits like cherries, plums, pears and medium bananas. In order to determine a permanent rate of cut for a baby, a newborn's age need be multiplied by 10, that is, if a child is 3.5 months, he should be given daily not more than 35 grams of fruit or berry puree.

Introducing a newborn's diet berry and strawberries purees, to give him a 1-st complete? tsp., with a 7 days gradually increasing a dose to 2 tablespoons. So gradually increase the dose up to that norm, which is required for his age. A newborn grows up and has a 4.5 - 5.5 months in a diet of the child's time to enter and veggie purees.

Within 4 times of the baby should be added to a power of one kind of mashed fresh vegetables. 1st you should to give mashed vegetables like zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes, and only so, a small later, it is possible to give tomatoes, beets and other raw vegetables. It is indispensable to observe which of the vegetables in a baby causes an allergic reaction. You so demand to be deleted.

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