However to prepare a baby for the birth of a baby?


A family expected completion, and you're worried, however will a older child to his small brother or sister? As to prepare a child for the birthday of the baby?

A birthday rate in our country is increasing every year, and in a streets there are more baby carriages, accompanied by proud moms and dads. Later a 1st child in a family, a second and at times a third toddler. Large families are again in vogue, but in ordering to raise a successful and healthy babies, you demand to enjoy a strong character and is attentive to a problems of their babies.

The person of a second baby in a family is not only a fine pleasure, but also an ordeal for parents and older child. Of the one and loved it ever becomes a nuisance. Newborn newborn robs mum most of a time, it almost does not remain on the 1-st-born, all of which attempt to reach out to the surprise and cause irritation. How to prepare a newborn for the birth of a second?

Moms and dads' note

The transformation of a single spoiled newborn's note to a brother or sister of a newborn child, around which revolve the parents and grandparents, can strongly influence a character of a little man. It will feel neglected and hurt and blame his troubles a new family member, because it is a newborn child takes most of the time his mom.

The general mistake of a parents in these situations is underestimating its seriousness and importance: to give up, saying, "grow up, and all settled down," not enough to make 'tween the infants subsequently formed a close relationship.

Of course, to be led by a vagaries of the older newborn, and instead of feeding a baby to play with it is totally unacceptable. So, the constant excuses and links to employment will not be too technique out. The best variant for harmonious construction of family relationships will be the situation when a mum takes a time to both his children. To improve relations, it should explain to his 1-st-born, that his some brother or sister is very similar to him when he was magnetically, and that he, too, frequently eating breast milk and mum's time-consuming.

Mom may ask the newborn to help her care for the newborn. This situation brought them closer together, but do not run too much on a older (remember the tale of Cinderella, who worked time and night).

Section toys

Grown up kid can hurt psychologically older, when it begins to pick up away his toys (if the age difference is small). Mum in such a situation want respect and understand the feelings of his 1st child: is it really his toys, you were bought for him, he cherishes and considers them how the own.

A case want be decided peacefully: should explain to a child that if he did not share any of your toys to a child, then they enjoy to buy, and the their money on toys for him simply will not. Do not put away a child, agree what toys he gives, and which keep.

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