A child of 10 weeks. Construction of a newborn 10 months


Baby 10 weeks

10 weeks of newborn's life was marked by the beginning of a era of copying a behavior of adults. Presently is a time to monitor a actions, deeds, words. Newborn 10 months is start to notice my father presses buttons on a remote, Mother turns on the lightness in the rooms, my grandma wears glasses. He tries to repeat this action, act same a mom and father.

Newborn construction 10 weeks same copying a positive impact however it promotes more rapid and successful learning. Currently for a newborn to learn something new, you should alone a few minutes to show it to him. He gladly pick up any game offered by mom.

Imitation is in it, but the sounds of the child until a output is not very helf, but he tries hard. Insufficient knowledge speech in this period a baby up for emotional progress, which allows finally to overcome the psychological dependence on her mom. A baby can now be banned with the chest with a least stress. He takes an interest in other people around him. Pays particular attention to babies, can long and with interest to watch them. However sociability in this period is not how developed to install and maintain relationships with peers.

Sometimes this time is called a period of destruction. Newborn begins to break toys, things, disassemble them for parts. Such behavior is caused by two factors. 1st, it is not able to calculate the force, however delicate pieces may be destroyed. Secondly, a child may deliberately crash toys to see what they are made of.

In ordering to improve the evolution of infants 10 weeks to continue a game, developing fine motor skills of the hand. You can teach the child at the same time to be creative, showing him a basics of modeling clay or plasticine, drawing, paint or crayons. Such exercises are beneficial impact not only on the progress of speech, but also on the creative thinking kid.

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  • A child of 10 weeks. Construction of a newborn 10 months