Phototherapy of neonatal jaundice


Phototherapy of jaundice - a simple and organic method to treat children. By the technique, she Jaundice is not a disease - it is alone a symptom of a certain state of a aging body. Properly, in this situation, medicine may do without a pills and potions - wish only ultraviolet radiation.

Indications for phototherapy of neonatal jaundice

Ofttimes a child a few days of the birth are diagnosed jaundice - To the untrained and unprepared mum becomes a shock is a fact that such a small baby is something sick. Fears cause the following symptoms.

Noticeable yellow coloration of the skin newborn.

Yellow shade of a eye.

A bright yellow pigmentation of liquid secretions of the newborn.

In fact, in most cases, it is not about the size of a disease, and that a infant is unable to cope with a excess of bilirubin in a blood. Most often, jaundice is not pathological and physiological - a newborn jaundice phytotherapy treated in just a any sessions.

According to statistics, jaundice subject to 65% of all babies. In this case, it appears not once, but at 3-4 hours after birth, so that a big score on a infant's Apgar score does not guarantee that you will not possess physiological jaundice. In hospitals and neonatalogicheskih center offers treatment of jaundice phototherapy.

What is phototherapy of neonatal jaundice

Under the phototherapy of neonatal jaundice mean irradiation of ultraviolet rays of a child - under its influence so scared you bilirubin becomes harmless substance, readily soluble in aqua. Hospital treatment is carried out so follows:

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