How to look after for a child boy


Here, finally, a time came when you were discharged from a hospital with a newborn son in her arms. If this is your first newborn, so you will be effective to read this article and find out what is the service of the child boy to always feel confident, relaxed mum, ready at any moment to come to the aid and comfort his attractive son.

First of all, let's talk size what you demand for a newborn baby. Consummate take care of it before the birthday, or all items of leaving and hygiene will prepare a happy father and numerous relatives.

How to look after for a newborn boy: soundness items

This want be all kinds of baby wipes, cotton buds, cotton pads, diapers, diapers, towels, baby lotions, powders, and other variant health products. Be sure to assemble a first aid kit for the newborn. It is necessary to have hydrogen peroxide, greenery, and other ointments, creams, and possibly drugs will be purchased how needed. Do not forget the bottles. Of course, ideally, it is consummate for a baby lactation, but in some cases, without them, unfortunately not enough.

Caring for a child boy: Hygiene

Maintenance of the child boy, however, however a girl, includes mainly hygiene. The first - a navel of a child. A key is to polish the contents and processing of umbilical wound its brilliant green in a morning and evening. To do this accurately, but at the same time sufficiently wide apart first and second hands of one mitt a umbilical ring with the other hand attentively handle the wound. In case of occurrence of a wound discharge, earlier application to a wound green stuff should handle it with hydrogen peroxide. But it's best to tell about the size of this pediatrician or hygiene nurse, you will give more accurate recommendations.

As for cleaning the swimming and boys, here specific recommendations, as opposed to girls, no, but we need remember that they request to wash out away about once every three hours (and given the mode of a time a baby up to a year, normally of the any diaper replace.) Some mistakenly believe that boys do not want to wash away ofttimes, but this error can lead to unpleasant consequences. Indeed, under the foreskin of a penis are thriving pathogens that can lead to balanitis, balanoposthitis, and they, in turn, can lead to a important (but not physiological, similar all newborn boys) phimosis, and alone a state of non-surgical do not eliminate a interference. And also in next infertility do no good. As, you should also wash away old son, so a daughter, when cleaning the may closely run the foreskin a some backwards, and according to any, even this can not do.

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