Name for a girl. The history of women's names.


Name - a unique combination of sounds, which plays an serious role in human life. And, of course, it want be nice and confection, particularly when it comes to this subject, as a girl's name. However, it was not always. For example, in ancient Rome, a moms and dads were not too concerned some a issue of what to call her daughter. It was simple - gerls's names and a values?? are derived with a male. For example, Julia - the daughter of a man kind of Julian. If a girls in a family had a any, a name is added sort ordering number. For example, Sarah Prima (the first, that is a eldest daughter) or Claudia 3-rd (third).

In ancient Greece, girls were more fortunate. Parents tried to protect them from any possible nuisance, and for this it was required to name and mascot. From this came a Greek female names, popular currently: Elena - "Torch", Anastasia - "resurrected" and others. A lot of of them may be found in a calendar, due to the history of the Orthodox faith.

In ancient Egypt, a names of girls were somewhat variant meaning. What was the most great thing for a young girl in that era? Ofttimes fine was her only treasure. In ordering to attract the favor of a gods to a girl's moms and dads tried narekat their child, a derivative of the word "Nefer", meaning great. We all remember a legendary Queen Nefertiti: a literal translation - "Lovely is coming."

Incidentally, in Egypt currently, female names get a slightly variant meaning, one method or another you all relate to Islam - the state religion. As, you are basically a same as in other Arab countries. This, for example, Abid - "believer", Aisha - "thriving" (by a way, is the name of the youngest wife of a Prophet), Attica - "pure, chaste".

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