Hardening child aqua


When and however to hardening of the child with water, how that it became stronger, and not a cold-blooded? What must be the aqua treatment?

One of a most common ways of tempering infants are h2o treatments. You are approachable to all children of all ages. H2o gently affects the skin and a immune system, it performs and hygiene, and tempering function.

Doing daily evening swimming, moms and dads influence the baby's aging body with water, however a process is performed hardening and creating a base for his heartiness. Seasoned baby is protected against many viral and respiratory illnesses due to increased immunity.

Mom every day to bathe the newborn in a bath, washes it and washes. These aqua treatment can be performed with h2o of various temperatures. It all depends on a age and intensity of hardening.

Water hardening while swimming

A ordinary evening balneum babies and children first year of your is a newborn bath, a specially adapted for these procedures. The baby is immersed in aqua, poured into a bath, Thoroughly wash and rinse a bucket with polish water at the like temperature or one degree lower.

Aqua for bathing must be comfortable for the child. Our mums were measuring her elbow down into a water, if at the like time having a pleasant sensation, then she will like chubby small boy. By measuring the temperature of a water using a special thermometer, must be guided by a mark of 37 ° C. The air in a placement where the child bath, must be about 20-22 ° C, so a newborn will not freeze after a bath.

If desired, increase a effect of tempering is indispensable to consult with a local pediatrician, who on a basis of the newborn's health, plan aqua quenching.

Hardening of the water when cleaning the

Short process cleaning a child is not only hygienic value. Since at a time it is recommended to apply cooler water than in a bath (it may be 30-35 ° C), it creates a tempering capacity. It is achieved at the expense of a lower temperature, and because a regular process.

For cleaning the water should possess defended (as in swimming) to support a newborn's facial skin impacted a least possible amount of chlorine contained in tap h2o. Why, cleaning the newborn under a tap is not recommended. "Emergency" situation with a baby quite predictable, however you must always keep a bucket with settled h2o, which is consumed so needed. If indispensable, in a bucket with water, append a some hot from a kettle. Settled soft aqua does not very dry a face of a newborn and excellent temper, experienced mothers know this is what you need for a child baby.

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