Gravity of the baby up to a year by 30 days


What need be a mass of a child in weeks to a year? In some cases, the deviations from a general rule?

Regular weight newborn at a reception at the pediatrician give parents an overview of a state of his heartiness. It is believed that if a newborn's mass is normal, healthy toddler. Deviations in body mass may indicate problems in a construction, malnutrition and disease. Always either too much or too small weight is a cause for concern?

Weight of the baby in months: abnormal

Most babies born weighing 2.6 - 4.0 kilogram. These indicators the World Health Organization has assigned to a parameters of a average weightiness of a healthy full-term babies. Untimely children are born with little weight gain in a first weeks are quite varied from the peers. However, a favorable growth is the 3-rd 30 days of the kids are able to increase the gravity in three times, and by a year - 5 times. Thus, the year-old kids who were born weighing 1.6 - 1.7 kg, to 10-12 months of "catching up" full-term babies.

A other extreme may be overweight baby. Today it is not uncommon birthday of a child weighing 5.6 kilograms. This may occur for many causes. Not all of them are associated with health problems, often hereditary factor is momentous, for example, large fathers are born a boy-hero. If a heartiness of mum and baby out of a problem, then do not worry. A woman who gave birthday to such a big baby, extra excitement to anything. Its primary task is to look after a child.

Fluctuations in weight are placed back to normal, if the value varies within + / -1 kg. Poor weight gain may occur when the toddler is sick, the transition from breast-feeding to synthetic, if properly organized fresh food feeding mom and child, etc.

Gravity of the newborn up to a year by month

Immediately after birth, a baby a little thinner, so - following 7-10 hours - regains its original weight and is starting to gain position for a first 30 days of a program. Overall average in a neonatal period (first month) tot adds about the size of 600 grams.

Depending on the food, mood, well-being in a 1-st year of your, babies are gaining:

Desk weight of the newborn in months

2-3 weeks 750-800 g

4-5 weeks 700-750 grams

6-7 months 600-650 grams

19-9 months 500-550 g

10-11 weeks, 400-450 grams

12 months 350-400 grams

Not to memorize rules, the weight of the child to, you can apply the formula that is easy to calculate the average weight of the baby in months. For children under 6 months it looks same this:

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