Baby 3 weeks. Newborn Growth 3 months


At 3 months of age the child starts to really gulit. Been done, a vowels become syllables: gu, ASU, etc. A newborn can maintain such a any min talking with a grateful companion.

In general, a baby begins to demand more attention. He laughs and smiles when the mom turns to him, and it could upset loudly with lack of attention.

Toys over the crib finally found his grateful admirers. Waking baby will be happy to touch your hands, reaching out for him, thunder, etc.

Rattle will distract the baby with a bad mood for a any minutes. How, it must be clean out, because the baby's development is based on three weeks of oral sensations, ie newborn is perceived by tasting receptors located in the mouth. Why, toys must be safe: with durable environmentally friendly substance, enjoy no small parts.

Lying on his tummy in the crib, child may along sit up on his elbows for a some seconds. This significantly extends the review and may not lose sight of a chief person in his your - his mother.

Actions of the baby in 3 months become more aware. If they claim something to get a better look, the kid may with a supine position to turn complete on its side. How much easier to reach for a toy.

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