However to prepare a baby for the birth of a baby?


A family expected completion, and you're worried, however will a older child to his small brother or sister? As to prepare a child for the birthday of the baby?

A birthday rate in our country is increasing every year, and in a streets there are more baby carriages, accompanied by proud moms and dads. Later a 1st child in a family, a second and at times a third toddler. Large families are again in vogue, but in ordering to raise a successful and healthy babies, you demand to enjoy a strong character and is attentive to a problems of their babies.

The person of a second baby in a family is not only a fine pleasure, but also an ordeal for parents and older child. Of the one and loved it ever becomes a nuisance. Newborn newborn robs mum most of a time, it almost does not remain on the 1-st-born, all of which attempt to reach out to the surprise and cause irritation. How to prepare a newborn for the birth of a second?

Moms and dads' note

The transformation of a single spoiled newborn's note to a brother or sister of a newborn child, around which revolve the parents and grandparents, can strongly influence a character of a little man. Читать полностью -->

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