Dysbacteriosis have babies


What is overgrowth in infants? What caused overgrowth and however to treat it?

With the advent of a baby, a house filled with happiness and joy. All efforts and maintenance of the newborn turned out that a man who came into the world, grew up healthy and lovely.

Caring parents, closely related to the condition of a child, you know that the newborn's building up to a year involves exercise and hardening. In families where such procedures are carried out regularly, the children rarely get sick.

But childhood - a time when meeting with diseases are inevitable. About of a diseases, for example - have dysbiosis infants, particularly easy to pick up hold at grudnichkovom age. More than thirty percent of babies suffer this illness.

Dysbiosis - a violation of the rule function of the gastrointestinal tract, altering intestinal microflora, called social disease XXI century.

About countries do not attach much importance to such violations of a digestive process, considering them not worth a efforts and treatment.

However is a overgrowth in infants and babies?

But dysbacteriosis newborn intestinal appear and multiply rapidly harmful bacteria. With a increase of quantity of microorganisms required for a rule functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, is getting smaller.

Dysbiosis - a sort of signal to indicate a failure of the body. Читать полностью -->

The child is 1 month. Development of a newborn in 1 30 days


That a newborn should be able to 1 30 days? However is a month-old newborn? That has a particular influence on a development of a newborn 1 month?

The birth of a child - an serious case in a life of every parent. Small newborn pipsqueak still do not know so, but he had to learn lots.

For a child one 30 days in the life of one of the most difficult periods. Birthday process robs infants as much power, even if everything went without a problems. A 1st 7 days gives a child to get used to his new your.

One of a 1st sensations newborn normally physical contact with his mom. Sound of her heart, who accompanied a newborn for nine months, will give him a sense of peace and confidence in a world. The kid in the 1st weeks of her mum finds the smell of natural milk, later - by the sound of her voice.

Momentous influence on a construction of a newborn 1 30 days possess surrounding sounds. Читать полностью -->

Treatment of congenital spine deformities in beautiful children


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Umbilical hernia in babies


Why there is an umbilical hernia in babies? How to treat an umbilical hernia?

Every mother has during pregnancy care you wish for a newborn child. She goes to babies's shops, buying diapers, stroller, and some things same first aid kit for the child, pacifiers, bottles, etc. All this is certainly valuable, but a most important item to learn some the body of a child newborn and the potential problems of its construction. One such question is a umbilical hernia in children.

Currently umbilical hernia occurs in 20% of infants. More prone to untimely babies to her, their bodies cope with stress worse.

So does a neonatal umbilical hernia?

It may be an inherited feature, pass a baby with one of a moms and dads.

Umbilical hernia baby can "earn" and being in a mother's tummy. During pregnancy on a child's development is influenced by varied unfavorable factors: the environment, a effects of chemicals, infectious diseases, etc. Читать полностью -->

As to choose a diaper


On the market today presents more than a dozen various types of diapers. So a prettily mum to find out what is good and most suited her child? First of all, when choosing diapers, should to consider the affinity and size.

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