In a hospital


Earlier we end up in a hospital, the young girl need possess time to do much. What must it service?

The birthday of a child - a most joyous and wonderful case in the lives of women. Later nine months of pregnancy, she finally sees her child may watch them indulge. But before all this happens, it will keep to pass one of a tests - delivery or cesarean section. Despite a fact that today in Russia there is a practice of private home birth, most women yet give birthday at a hospital. This institution is intended to facilitate childbirth, care for women and their newborn children. Читать полностью -->

Rash in a child. However to prevent rashes


Rash in a child of the first year of life - a enough common phenomenon.

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The baby is 1 month. Progress of a baby in 1 month


That a newborn should be able to 1 30 days? How is a month-old child? That has a particular influence on the progress of the baby 1 month?

A birth of a newborn - an influential case in the your of every parent. Little child pipsqueak yet do not know however, but he had to learn lots.

For a baby one 30 days in the life of one of a most gravely periods. Birth process robs children how much power, even if everything went without a problems. A 1-st 7 days gives the baby to have used to his new life.

One of the 1st sensations child normally physical contact with his mom. Sound of her heart, who accompanied a child for nine weeks, will give him a sense of peace and confidence in the world. The kid in the 1st weeks of her mother finds the smell of natural milk, later - by the sound of her voice.

Important influence on the development of the newborn 1 30 days get surrounding sounds. Читать полностью -->

Natural milk. A composition and a apply of breast natural milk.


Every woman knows that natural milk - the perfect food for a child.

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Website for moms and dads and babies -


Babies Get created for caring parents who want to raise decent infants with a wide outlook.

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