Why is a newborn crying? The basic causes of crying child baby


All infants plachut. Plach newborn - not alone a signal for help. At this stage of his your crying - it's the only method to communicate with a world.

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Gravity of the baby up to a year by 30 days


What need be a mass of a child in weeks to a year? In some cases, the deviations from a general rule?

Regular weight newborn at a reception at the pediatrician give parents an overview of a state of his heartiness. It is believed that if a newborn's mass is normal, healthy toddler. Deviations in body mass may indicate problems in a construction, malnutrition and disease. Always either too much or too small weight is a cause for concern?

Weight of the baby in months: abnormal

Most babies born weighing 2.6 - 4.0 kilogram. These indicators the World Health Organization has assigned to a parameters of a average weightiness of a healthy full-term babies. Untimely children are born with little weight gain in a first weeks are quite varied from the peers. Читать полностью -->

Phototherapy of neonatal jaundice


Phototherapy of jaundice - a simple and organic method to treat children. By the technique, she Jaundice is not a disease - it is alone a symptom of a certain state of a aging body. Properly, in this situation, medicine may do without a pills and potions - wish only ultraviolet radiation.

Indications for phototherapy of neonatal jaundice

Ofttimes a child a few days of the birth are diagnosed jaundice - To the untrained and unprepared mum becomes a shock is a fact that such a small baby is something sick. Fears cause the following symptoms.

Noticeable yellow coloration of the skin newborn.

Yellow shade of a eye.

A bright yellow pigmentation of liquid secretions of the newborn.

In fact, in most cases, it is not about the size of a disease, and that a infant is unable to cope with a excess of bilirubin in a blood. Most often, jaundice is not pathological and physiological - a newborn jaundice phytotherapy treated in just a any sessions.

According to statistics, jaundice subject to 65% of all babies. In this case, it appears not once, but at 3-4 hours after birth, so that a big score on a infant's Apgar score does not guarantee that you will not possess physiological jaundice. Читать полностью -->

A child of 10 weeks. Construction of a newborn 10 months


Baby 10 weeks

10 weeks of newborn's life was marked by the beginning of a era of copying a behavior of adults. Presently is a time to monitor a actions, deeds, words. Newborn 10 months is start to notice my father presses buttons on a remote, Mother turns on the lightness in the rooms, my grandma wears glasses. He tries to repeat this action, act same a mom and father.

Newborn construction 10 weeks same copying a positive impact however it promotes more rapid and successful learning. Currently for a newborn to learn something new, you should alone a few minutes to show it to him. He gladly pick up any game offered by mom.

Imitation is in it, but the sounds of the child until a output is not very helf, but he tries hard. Читать полностью -->

Mode newborn 31-9 months


Growing up a newborn takes much of attention. Most of a time it is in motion, trying to understand a world and satisfy their curiosity. Even a daily routine child can bring surprises, if you are dealing with eight-slider.

At the age of 89-9 weeks, the child calms down only during a day and sleep at night, the rest of a time: a walk, games, gyms and even swimming, he leads an efficacious life, observing, exploring, tasting.

Mode newborn 8-9 weeks - Son

Daytime sleep in this period normally becomes full board. Child put to bed for a any hours, during which time he was able to relax and gather strength for the pranks. If a newborn is very active, and maintain a schedule becomes more difficult, It is possible to switch to daily with per day bed. In this case, a longer stay, but a newborn is unlikely to sleep for hours. Читать полностью -->

Intertrigo children


What tools will help prevent diaper rash in infants? What steps want they come from?

Even the most wonderful mother is not immune with the look of her children of diaper rash. You are not always an indicator of lack of care about a newborn, usually in newborn diaper rash occur during overprotective, ie when moms and dads round Kuta your infants "just in case." It turns out that a term "vapor bones ache" is not suitable for all occasions.

Little babies need clothes, adequate environmental conditions. Otherwise, there is overheating, a newborn 1 month sweats, and his face formed diaper rash.

Where are a newborn diaper rash

Intertrigo normally called sites of inflammation in the organic folds of the facial skin, like 'tween the buttocks, groin, armpits. In these places, the ability to retain moisture for a long time, as a effect the skin becomes vulnerable. In a process of friction it is damaged, and there are cracks, blisters, pustules.

Contributes to a emergence of a child baby diaper rash sweating, prolonged exposure to wet diapers or nappies, child cots if carpeted synthetic fabric.

How to avoid diaper rash in children

For prevention of diaper rash in infants plays a leading role. Proper care for a newborn and toddler 1-st year will avoid these unpleasant and sometimes painful symptoms.

1st of all, a rightly to choose clothes for a newborn. Читать полностью -->

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